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Tutorial: How Can Change My WordPress Password?

If you have a WP website, you have an account with which you can log in to WordPress. And it is important to change a strong WordPress password. And this can also be reset with some regularity! That way you keep your website safe and any hackers out. Change The WordPress password: You can change […]

Tutorial: Install WordPress Locally With Wamp on Windows

A tutorial presenting all the steps necessary to install WordPress locally (Windows 10). I use the WampServer software for the installation. If you follow each instruction, your local WordPress installation will be successful. Set aside about 20 minutes to get your WordPress site locally. I also prepared a tutorial to install WordPress locally on Windows […]

Tutorial: Backup WordPress Site Manually or Plugins

If you have your own WordPress site, it is very important to backup it regularly. Something can always go wrong, for example when updating your site, due to problems at your hosting provider or by a hacker who breaks in. At such times it is useful to have a current backup of your WordPress site. […]

Setup WordPress Multisite Network Ultimate Guide

A multisite network is a collection of WordPress websites that all share the same WordPress installation. It is possible that the sites within your network share certain WordPress plug-in and WordPress Themes. Here we share step by step setup guide of WordPress Multisite Network. The individual websites within your multisite = network are “virtual” websites.┬áThat […]

How To Update Your WordPress Latest Version Easily

On this page, you will find instructions and practical step-by-step plans to update your WordPress version on your website. On the WordPress Official website, you will find more information about the most recent version of WordPress. Do Before Update WordPress: First, download a backup of your WP site and database via CPanel. You can read […]

Downgrade WordPress Specific Core Version With Plugin

Sometimes it may be necessary to downgrade an older WordPress version. For example, if your theme does not yet support the latest WordPress version, but you have performed the update. Back up your WordPress website before downgrading. You can backup your WordPress website with a plug-in such as WP Backup. Deactivate all WordPress plug-ins. Log […]

How to Install WordPress for Offline Using XAMPP Server

WordPress is the best cms platform to start blogging, To learn PHP, theme developing, plug-in developing. If you start blogging with WordPress on your computer offline. Then you need a server for installing WordPress. Xampp helps to create a server on your computer. And you can easily run WordPress and make your blog offline. Let’s […]