What is my IP location

Would you like to get an answer to the question ‘ What is my IP address ‘? Fortunately, this is very easy, even though there is still a lot of uncertainty. However, finding out your IP address (stands for Internet protocol) is sometimes very important.

That is why we have created a special tool to show this easily. Completely free and public without having to do any effort on this website. So if you have the question ‘What is my IP address’, you can only look below and you will find your IP location there.

What is my IP location  

What exactly does it mean when you use the ‘ What is my IP address’ tool ? The IP address of your internet connection will be displayed on your screen. Two possibilities that form this address are: the router in the building where you are at that moment or the mobile internet connection. The latter concerns a 3G or 4G network . If you use a VPN connection or a Proxy wall and are connected to it, the IP address of this VPN or Proxy will be shown. An additional advantage is that this creates a secure and anonymous internet connection. This allows you to surf without worrying about hackers trying to find out your address.

We mentioned the router capability earlier . This gives each device in the building an IP address. The device you are using may therefore have a different address than your smartphone or laptop / tablet. You have probably already noticed that an IP address indicates where you are at that moment. Our offered tool ‘ What is my IP location ‘ just shows how easy it is to check this. This does not sound nice, maybe even unsafe. Your privacy can be very exposed. As mentioned earlier, a VPN can be used for this.

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network . It guarantees privacy and security. It works by redirecting your internet traffic to the IP address of the VPN. Your IP address remains so cannot be seen.

Need a different IP address?

Besides security, there are other reasons one can have for using a different IP address. You may be familiar with it: you often read a free online newspaper article and then get blocked . This is to further prevent free use and to make you pay for reading the online newspaper. These websites can block you because they know your real IP address . More privacy and easier surfing on the internet? This can all be accomplished by means of a VPN .

An additional option is to avoid geographic blockades. A geo-block is used by some companies who only want to offer their service in that country. This makes ‘What is my IP location’ something completely different, the VPN arranges that an address is shown here that is allowed and thus bypasses the blockages. The IP addresses can be different every day.

This all sounds very easy and it is! With just a few actions, your IP address is already being diverted and it seems as if you are surfing in another country/city.



ExpressVPN is really one of our favorite VPN providers. In addition to professional regulations, they provide a great service for all users. Ultimately, this creates an easy collaboration between the customer (the VPN customer) and the company (VPN provider). In addition to ExpressVPN, you can find several providers in our overview of top providers of VPNs. ‘ My IP address ‘ is very easy to adjust with all providers with Express VPN at the top.

How does this work? Fortunately very easy. With two steps it already seems as if you are on the other side of the world. One: open the service (often a simple website or app). Two: click on the button or button that will connect you to the VPN. This causes the website’s software to search for a suitable VPN server and result in a different IP address. In addition to geographic blockages, this also circumvents annoying consequences for your privacy and you can again have everything at your disposal from the blocked websites. If you want to test this, it is very easy, just use the tool on this website again and you will see that this is a different IP address than before.


Another nice program to mislead the answer to the question ‘What is my IP location’ is CyberGhost. Good for your budget as it is a less expensive provider than most VPN services. Find here all the cheap and premium VPN vendors. Arranged by price and quality. CyberGhost provides software that is very user-friendly and delivers what you ask for: a different IP address. The speed with which the software works is often important. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with this.

We have previously indicated that this is one of the cheaper VPN providers. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly VPN supplier, CyberGhost is a perfect solution.

What is an IP address

You have already seen your own IP address at the very top of this page. The letters IP stand for internet protocol. Internet Protocol can be translated into an internet ID number. So it is used by a network to see who you are. Your IP address is your online identity number . Well, you may think: why should people know this? However, any data you look up must be sent somewhere. With this number, the ‘postmen’ know where to send all this information.

 IP address and location determination

The IP address makes something else possible: finding out the actual location or address of the user. This is due to the following, each address is associated with a provider. Think of Ziggo, Vodafone or Telenet. It is already known where these providers are located and where they are ‘online’. This is a handy ‘funnel’ method to easily find out your actual country, province, or even street with your IP address.

As mentioned earlier, we talked about geographic blockades. Now you may understand how parties can implement these blocks and how to handle them. Consider the differences in the range of YouTube, Netflix, and Videoland per country. So now you can avoid, dodge, and overcome this with all the VPN tools already at your disposal.