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What is my IP location

Would you like to get an answer to the question ‘ What is my IP address ‘? Fortunately, this is very easy, even though there is still a lot of uncertainty. However, finding out your IP address (stands for Internet protocol) is sometimes very important. That is why we have created a special tool to show this easily. Completely free and public without having […]

Windows Explorer Tips And Ultimate Using Guide

Windows Explorer is probably one of the applications you use most often. However, there may be options that have escaped your attention. How about the following tips: Copy or Move Files Quickly: It is best to open two Explorer windows to quickly copy or move files. Opening a new window is most convenient with a keyboard shortcut […]

Recover Deleted Files Free Like Documents or Photos

If you had just put a series of photos on that memory card or saved a lot of documents on your USB stick, you will have deleted all files in a flash of mind … The free RecoveRx can possibly help you with data recovery and recover your deleted files. Recover Deleted Files: To recover […]

Erase Hard Drive On Your Computer [Easy Tutorial]

How do I empty my hard drive? How can I erase the data on my hard drive? Sometimes there are circumstances where you want to permanently erase or delete the data or data on a computer hard drive. You can think of a reinstallation of the operating system or sale of the computer. Or just […]

Tutorial: Fix Windows 10 Will Not Start Up Problem

Windows 10 will not start. It happens to everyone sometimes, you press the computer and Windows does not want to restart to the familiar start screen. Very annoying and now what? Anything can be wrong. In this article, we describe some possible solutions to get your Windows 10 computer back up normally. Immediate Computer Help: Do you want professional […]

Tutorial: Install Windows From USB Stick On your Computer

Installing one program does not take that much time, but it changes when you want to install multiple programs, for example after a fresh Windows install from USB. It is obvious to install a few browsers, for example, an extra media player such as the VLC player, and possibly a number of useful system tools. […]

Tutorial: Create Bootable USB From ISO Windows Installation Tool

Create Bootable USB From ISO instead of the hard drive. You only have to do two things: make your USB stick bootable. And then boot the PC from an external medium. We show you how. Maybe you want to install Windows 10. Or you want to use a partitioning tool that has to run outside […]