Social Network Marketing Strategy For Quality Results

Social Network Marketing now explain in this article. After reading you understand Social Media Marketing. You can apply this to the strategic policy of your organization.

What is Social Network Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a marketing technique in which social media are used with the aim of achieving marketing (communication) objectives. It is an interactive form of marketing aimed at entering into a dialogue.

Why Social Network Marketing?

Social Media Marketing appears to be an excellent way to start a conversation with the customer and thereby pursue higher goals than flat sales. Loyalty, customer satisfaction and creating a brand preference are goals that companies try to pursue by using Social networks. According to research, Social Media Marketing Plan, if used properly, appears to yield money.

What is a Social Network?

Social Media are online platforms on which users are able to provide the content without professional intervention. Examples include posting a message, video clip, an audio file, comment or photo.

Examples of Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Linkedin

Success factors Social Network Marketing:

Success in deploying Social Media Marketing depends on a number of factors.

1. In general, people identify themselves with companies that are close to them. That means that one can identify with the company. To achieve this, the message must be real, honesty is the best policy.

2. Furthermore, social media must be a central part of the marketing activities. Integration in various media such as website, newsletter, sales-supporting materials, etc. is therefore important. It can also be part of innovation and help customers develop new products.

3. The activities are carried out by a representative team with the background. You can’t just do anything. There is a goal and that is communicated by everyone.

4. Social Media Marketing must also be carried out within different channels. It is a complete picture, not just twitter.

5. Finally, Social Network Marketing is not reserved for every branch, company or corporate culture. That is not a bad thing because it is only a means, there are other marketing techniques that achieve results.

Social Media Marketing Problem:

Social Media Marketing is currently a popular marketing technique due to the rise of the internet and also smartphones. Many companies, therefore, make the mistake of using it because they hear a lot of it in the news or see other companies do it. It is extremely important that people understand that social media marketing is a means and not a goal. That is, only use it if it fits within the overall marketing communication and pursues a legitimate goal such as creating brand loyalty. As a next step, the message and the tactics such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. must be considered.


Social Network Marketing can lead to higher loyalty, customer satisfaction, brand preference and ultimately financial goals. However, it is a means and not a goal. It must therefore only be used if the company and the market are suitable for this. In addition, a number of factors must also be met before communication is successful.