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Is My Website Mobile Friendly? SEO Ranking Factor

A mobile-friendly website is a website that also works well on mobile phones. And usually, we also mean that it works well on a tablet. Sounds logical right? In practice, it is quite an art for many web builders to get that done well. Fortunately, that is well organized at Inside because we use our […]

What is SEO Spam on WordPress Websites?

SEO spam hacks are one of the fastest-growing hacks in the WordPress empire and make new victims every day. Looking back at data from the previous year, no less than 51% of the site hacks were SEO spam. Once your website has been hacked, the spam is in a nasty way hidden and can go unnoticed […]

Benefits Of Cornerstone Content on Your WordPress Site

Cornerstone content is not a new concept. It is an important SEO technique that is increasingly being used. Cornerstone content has a strong focus on the search terms that are most important to you – the cornerstones of your site – to strengthen the foundation of your online construction. It also offers a way for new and underperforming […]

Tutorial: Add Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console

Do you want to add your WordPress website to google search console? You can register your (WordPress) website with Google to be indexed. Google indexes most of the websites automatically. But with a new website, it can take a while before Google sees your website. You can give Google a “push in the right direction” […]

Tips: Top 5 SEO Plugins For WordPress Website

Do you want your WordPress website to be higher in Google? Then you have to be actively involved with SEO Plugins. The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, also known as search engine optimization in Dutch. If you are involved with SEO, you will improve your website in various areas with the aim of […]

WordPress SEO Optimize Research 2020 SEO Tips

Is your or your website made with WordPress? Then this blog is definitely for you/you! WordPress is currently the most used CMS system on the internet, worldwide. What should you pay attention to? What are the pitfalls with your WordPress SEO optimize? SEO is not easy at all in 2020, so don’t be guided by […]

Basic SEO Tips For Optimize All WordPress Website

In this article, we discuss basic proven SEO tips (SEO means search engine optimization). That will make your WordPress website optimization score better than ever in the search results. Search engine optimization is no longer rocket science with many useful plug-ins. That can be linked to your installed WordPress website. If you read these basic […]