Recover Deleted Files Free Like Documents or Photos

If you had just put a series of photos on that memory card or saved a lot of documents on your USB stick, you will have deleted all files in a flash of mind … The free RecoveRx can possibly help you with data recovery and recover your deleted files.

Recover Deleted Files:

To recover your erased files, the Recovery program may be a good option. It works well with Windows and can handle almost all (external) storage media. After a short installation, you can use the tool startup.

First, select the storage medium with the deleted files and then confirm with Next to recover. Then indicate which file types you are looking for: Photo, Video, Document or Others – the latter category mainly contains music files. Within each section, you can also for specific file extensions search.

In the same window, enter the path where you want to save the retrieved files. Do not use the same medium for this: you risk overwriting the files you want to restore! Confirm your choice with Next: you will get a preliminary indication of the time remaining to recover your deleted files. With Stop recovering you can stop the process if desired.

Recover Files:

Because the program is thorough, large amounts of data can take quite some time to process. Afterward, the tool will tell you how many files from each section have been recovered. It has to be said: some informal tests showed the program to be able to retrieve quite a bit of data, albeit with generic file names, such as TS000512.jpg. But still, if it has to recover important deleted files for you, you are certainly very happy with it. Data recovery can, therefore, be cheap and does not have to be complicated and very expensive.