Postpone Windows updates

Postpone Windows updates The major Windows 10 feature updates have faced installation problems. For many users, this has turned out to be an extremely annoying problem. Computers that suddenly refused to start-up or got stuck in an endless loop. After this disaster, Microsoft finally seems to be listening to its users. It is now possible to stop or temporarily postpone these major updates.

Hardware is constantly changing and so is Windows 10. The semi-annual feature updates guarantee that you work with the most modern and optimal version of Windows 10. The result is an operating system that works as perfectly as possible. Unfortunately, not every computer is the same and, despite all good intentions, things sometimes go wrong. Especially when updating Windows. Logically, computer problems, time loss, and frustration end-users of Windows 10.

Postpone Windows 10 updates
The 1903 update comes in late May
To prevent the repetition of this debacle, longer and intense testing was done with the help of the Windows Insiders. Normally, the update would already have been available, but it will be at the end of May. This extra time has been taken because people no longer want the problems and drama of the previous feature update (1803). The dramatic consequence of the 1803 update issues is that only a small percentage of people have installed this Windows 10 update on the computer.

Future updates? Become Windows Insider.
If you want future updates on your computer now, you can join the Windows Insiders. You will then help with the development of Windows 10. You will then be given the opportunity to install updates that are not yet for general use. Keep in mind that there is a chance that your Windows 10 computer will become unstable. After all, they remain test or beta updates. You do this via Start – Settings (gear) – Update and security, then select the Windows Insider Program in the bottom left column. Now you can choose what kind of Insider you want to be. If you are a regular user and not an extreme tester, choose apps, drivers, and other quality updates. More information can be found on the Windows Insider s website.

Postpone feature updates
From Windows 10 version 1903, it is possible to temporarily postpone or interrupt updates. And that temporary can be stretched quite a long time when it comes to a major feature update. What actually is a feature update? Every time a new feature update is released (and that is twice a year) this is an upgrade to a new version of Windows 10. For example from version 1709 to 1803 or the last 1803 to 1809.

Starting with Windows 10 1903 it is possible to postpone feature updates as long as new security updates are released for the version you are currently using.

Check your own version of your Windows 10 computer in the following way :

Click Start > Settings (the gear icon).
Then on System.
Finally, click on Info in the left bar.
Under Windows specifications, you will find your version number
Postpone security update
Postpone updates or adjust user times in 1809
With important security updates in Windows 10 Home, it is different, they now have the same possibilities as in the Pro version of Windows 10. These are important updates, which ensure that your computer and the Internet are safe.remains for all of us. Still, with these security updates it is also possible to defer them, not as long as the major feature updates, but still. These updates can be postponed for a maximum of 35 days, after these 35 days they are automatically installed for security reasons. If you choose to postpone the update, you will receive a reminder to install the update every seven days. You can, therefore, click this message away five times. This was already the case in Windows 10 Pro. So now you can have the updates installed when you are ready and have the time.

Adjust user times to minimize disruptions
The new 1903 Windows 10 version is looked at when you use the computer the most. Updates are postponed and will not be installed in this timeframe. Are the times not correct? Then you can also indicate the “ not installing time ” yourself so that the computer cannot suddenly and inconveniently start installing updates.

Do you have any questions or perhaps problems with the Windows update? Then you can also call us. For computer help and support we are contacted daily for you.