Make Successful Affiliate Website in Three Steps

The end of the year is a great time to look ahead to the coming year. Do you make good intentions? A good intention may be to start your own Successful Affiliate Website in 2020 and to set it up successfully. You can achieve this in three steps, each with an important pillar. Ready? 2020: here you come!

Successful Affiliate Strategy:

Before you start building your affiliate website, it is wise to first put a number of things on paper strategically. Three points you can think of here are the following:

  • What do I expect my affiliate website to bring me? – This can be both financial and for example in nice partnerships and products
  • What do I expect to be able to put in myself? – Time, energy, resources, budget.
  • What do I want my affiliate website to be about? –Determine your subject!
  • What type of affiliate website do I want? – Content, promotion or comparison?

If you have chosen your subject and type of website, then get started with a clear inventory. You can start by focusing this inventory on the content of your website and the competition. For the content of the website you can make an insightful keyword analysis. Which keywords are covered within your subject on your website? What about the competition for these keywords and are there possibly other related keywords that you can respond to?

In addition, you can think of the content of your website to the different types of partners you would like to work with and which promotional materials you want to use for this. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong: after all, you determine your own strategy and your own course.

Followed by this substantive inventory you can get started with a competition analysis. Which websites come up if you type in a search engine the keywords you would like to be found on? What type of websites are these? Are they direct competitors or indirect, and what can you learn from them? Please note: do not copy and do not literally imitate what your competitor is doing. See it as a source of inspiration and possibilities. After all, you do not know how well the website performed.

Tip: write out your strategy and your vision! The clearer you put your vision for your website on paper, the better your hold on the next two steps to make your affiliate website successful.

Affiliate Technology:

If you have a clear picture of your strategy for the affiliate website, then it’s time to get started with the technological piece. Consider the choice of your installing WordPress CMS system, the template of your website. But also with handy tools that ensure that you do not have to constantly reinvent the wheel and build yourself.

Depending on your strategy, you can choose the right template for the website. After all, you can choose a different template for a content website than for a comparator or promotional website. The same applies to the tools: the tools that you select to deploy depend on your strategy. This is also related to your own knowledge and skills when it comes to technology.

For example, you can choose to use plug-in and tools such as elementor and the Divi builder to create more beautiful pages and messages. Long live drag and drop systems! Do you want to get started with a comparator? Then you can choose for example data feed or a plug-in like wp import all (note: only the pro version supports affiliate links). The following also applies: depending on how technical you are, you can make a suitable choice.

No time to take photos of everything for your content or for the promotions? In addition to requesting this from the partners you work with, you can also get started. From Adobe Photoshop to canva.Com.

There are enough options and options in the market to set up a super technically constructed website, without having much knowledge of technology yourself. The next step from your strategy is, therefore, the question: how do you see it and what do you need? Here you select the correct template and the correct associated tools.

Tip: be alert that you work with tools that fit well with your strategy and will not download fanatic WordPress plugins. This can make your website slower than you actually want.

Successful Affiliate Online Marketing:

If your strategy is clear, and the technology has been determined and implemented, the next step is to put your website on the market. The partners that you have strategically chosen during the first step can now be deployed through affiliate marketing as part of your online marketing mix. Also ask yourself: which online marketing channels can I use more strategically?

Tip: make a choice in online marketing channels. Come to your ideal mix! You don’t have to use them all by definition. Does something not suit you or your website? Then you do not use this channel.

If affiliate marketing is the first online marketing channel that you are going to bet on and for your website, then there are opportunities with other online marketing channels. After all, you need a visit to your website to have it converted through affiliate marketing. Don’t let this stop you from processing affiliate links or other promotional materials on your website. If this is the case, it is and the visit can immediately start conversion if they know where to find your website.

Start with online marketing channels that can attract traffic to your website. Think of SEO and social media, but also see if you have a budget for this. Go your audience and visitors learn through these channels and go learning’s gained how to serve them best on your website. Once you have traffic, email marketing is also a good opportunity to create extra sales. However, without traffic, there is no one on your website who can sign up for the newsletter.

Go for It in 2020!

With these three pillars, you can start setting up and maintaining your successful affiliate website in 2020. Start with the strategy, followed by technology and final online marketing to both create a good website and stay close to yourself and the concept.