Italian League Live: How To Watch 2020 Online

Watch Serie A Italian League Live football, follow all matches of the European Cup, and Champions League live. It can all be done through simple technology.

I am going to share this trick to stream live Italian football wherever you are. Do not worry you do not have to be a techie to my story/explanation to understand how to do this just to watch Schedule Serie A.

I myself have been a major of the Serie A Italian football league since childhood. This is due to the beautiful big football clubs such as Juventus, AS Milan, AS Roma. This club where many great players have played and still has the appeal of footballers such as Christian Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The question is how we can watch the Italian league and I will explain this in the article below.

Serie A streaming to watch all matches in the Italian league live, wherever you are.

Are you in public transport? Visiting friends who do not have sports channels in the TV package? Or are you drinking a beer on the terrace but a match from the Italian League Live is being played that you don’t really want to miss?

No problem, there are a number of channels you can go to. I’ve already started looking for you. Have to scan the internet for channels where you can receive the Serie A live stream. Forget the FREE Serie A streams because nine times out of ten you end up with a live stream of poor quality, a live stream that continuously goes down and stutters. But it could be worse, a live stream that ends in the middle of the live football match.

I always look forward to important games and nothing is more frustrating than a poor quality live stream. This has happened sometimes and of course, ruins the whole evening of football.

What channels is the Italian League Live broadcast on?

Since we are talking about Italian football, it is only natural that we turn to Italian football league channels to broadcast the Serie A live matches. There are two paid-only services: Sky Sport and DAZN.

But hey, when you are going to pay. You could also see which channels we have to offer the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The problem is that you really have to take out a subscription with some channels.

So we want to take advantage of the benefits of legitimate Serie A live streaming, but you don’t want to be tied to an expensive TV subscription.

In the Netherlands, Ziggo Sport no longer has the exclusive right to broadcasting rights.

If you want to watch Italian football live, you can take out a subscription for this with Ziggo, T-Mobile, KPN, XS4ALL, Oxxio, Tele2, Online, Caiway, and Youfone. But you could also go to the internet site. A subscription costs € 7.99 per month. An annual subscription is € 49.99.

How do you access Live Italian football wherever you are?

There are things that seem impossible and one day we discover that what was actually not possible and yet is possible. Serie A Italian League Live stream was such a thing for me and now I can watch Italian football wherever I am.

Have you ever heard of a VPN? It is a technology that allows you to mask your IP address with another IP from a server somewhere in the world. Changing the IP address is very useful because it allows you to bypass geo-restrictions.

Now you can log in wherever you want, for example in Ziggo sport or DAZN, etc. It is this service that allows you to watch live Italian football wherever you are.

The steps to be able to stream Live Italian Football

  • installs a VPN for example NordVPN on your device where you want to watch Serie A (yes it can connect to multiple devices)
  • connects to a server in the country of the streaming Serie A football channel
  • Go to the channel. Your original IP address has changed. Now you can stream Serie A.

What is the best VPN to watch Italian League Live?

The question of which VPN service is best to watch Italian football live. Is the most important question because we don’t want our football evening to be disrupted by bad connections etc.

Not all VPN providers are not suitable for the Serie A live stream, for the above reason.

Streaming a specific online activity requires speed and a stable connection.

To be able to receive the Italian football league stream you need speed. These VPNs are TOP for a live stream. But functionality and user-friendliness are also very important. I am not a techie, so I took this aspect into account in my selection.

But that’s not all. A VPN is a “travel companion”. We generally install the VPN provider on our computers and mobile devices. It is therefore important to choose a VPN provider with a good help desk, if questions arise, we naturally want to have them answered as quickly as possible.

Can I use a free VPN for Serie A streaming?

If you read what I told you before, you know that the essential element to watching Serie A live is speed. If you’re using a free VPN, you won’t get it. And I would like to add that this is why it is free! If you’ve ever tried in your life to watch free streaming to watch live Italian League Live football, you know what you’re getting.

Make no mistake, if there are so many free VPN offers, it’s because there are plenty of providers and they all want to draw attention to themselves, but the best service is for paying customers. Streaming Serie A is not just any online activity, everyone is after it, it should come as no surprise that it is one of the premium services.

For the Serie A live match there is no middle ground, a paid VPN service is what you need. Moreover, it saves you possible malware to the computer.

What else is a VPN for?

The VPN provider is not the solution for all your online security problems. But a VPN provider can see you as your digital bodyguard. An application that protects all your online activities from third parties.

Just check how many details of your life are online and that there are companies that are more than happy to track your activities online for their own sake. Knowledge is power and power is money.

The Italian football league live stream is just one small thing that a VPN service can help you with.

The VPN was born to protect and secure you. It is mainly used to ensure online protection so that your private information remains confidential and your activities cannot be traced, whether it is following live series a Livestream, or other online activities.

You are in danger every second that you are unprotected on the internet.


A VPN is a must for watching Italian football, even if it concerns a possible channel that is simply located in the Netherlands. The same applies to the VPN provider and streaming service, namely that you will not succeed with a FREE Italian League Live provider. Both do not have to be the end in terms of costs. So don’t let your own frugality ruin your evening of Italian football !!

If your story is in doubt, you can test NordVPN for FREE for a month and if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back within 5 days! It is one of the few providers where you get your investment back without mercy!

Frequently asked Questions

How can I stream the Serie A?

You will have to use a VPN provider to stream the Italian league. You will then be able to choose from numerous channels where you can follow this football competition, namely:

  • USA ESPN, fubo TV,
  • Canada DAZN
  • Italy DAZN, beIN
  • UK SKY premium sports
  • Australia beIN
  • New Zealand Sky Sport
  • India Sony Six, Sony ESPN

Why do I need a VPN

You will have to change your IP address in the country of the streaming service because we have to deal with Italian League Live broadcast rights.