Is My Website Mobile Friendly? SEO Ranking Factor

A mobile-friendly website is a website that also works well on mobile phones. And usually, we also mean that it works well on a tablet. Sounds logical right? In practice, it is quite an art for many web builders to get that done well. Fortunately, that is well organized at Inside because we use our responsive framework for this.

Why is it important that your website is mobile friendly?

Actually, the answer is very simple: because more and more people are using their smartphone or tablet to browse the internet. For some of our customers, mobile visits (phone and tablet) are already more than 75%. You want to give these visitors a good user experience so that they will visit your website again next time. Even if the percentage of mobile traffic is lower, you want to meet the user experience.

In addition, mobile-friendliness is an increasingly important ranking factor for Google. Google wants its mobile search users to get the best results. Read more about this in our blog about the ranking factor of a mobile-friendly website.

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What do you pay attention to when creating a mobile-friendly website?

Mobile First:

The available space is limited on a mobile screen. Logically, the most important thing to show first. For one, that is the company’s slogan, for the other a registration form. We use the Mobile First Principle when designing many new sites; we first make a page of mobile. That works very well because you can easily prioritize all the elements that you want to present on a page. The most important comes at the top, then you add the less important elements. This brings a lot of focus to the design, which can be used for the design of the page for larger screens. This results automatically from this.

So you have to be able to choose well. Which content is important? Which functionality should receive the most attention. Where do my visitors actually come from? These are all good questions that you should answer anyway if you make a good website, whether you make it for mobile, tablet or desktop.

Fast Loading Times:

Both for the ranking and for navigating through a website, it is important that your website is fast. With us, speed is always a theme: the faster the better. We wrote a blog about it before. Images take up a large part of the loading time. That is why we work with Lazy Loading to limit this loading time.

In terms of speed, we continue to make improvements so that visitors to websites that we have created have the best user experience. Many studies show that a faster website also has a higher conversion, another good reason to create a fast website.

Readable Texts:

Readable texts are always important. But on mobile, it is even more important. Make sure your texts are not too long. Also, ensure legible typography. Typography is the relationship between font type, font size, color, margins, white space, and line spacing. The readability of a text is mainly determined by the amount of “white” and less by the “black”. Of course, there are less legible fonts (handwritten fonts for example) and more legible fonts. But readability is more determined by the amount of whitespace around a letter, word, sentence or paragraph.

Quality of The Images:

In our CMS we ensure that images are automatically scaled and compressed. We automatically generate retina versions of the image for mobile phones so that they look razor-sharp on mobile phones as well.


There are several best practices you can use for navigation on your mobile phone and tablet so that users immediately understand how your website works. Think of swiping or the hamburger menu. It is also important to think at the bottom of each page (at the end of the content) how the visitor can navigate further so that he does not have to scroll all the way up again. Consider, for example, the options “back to top” or “next”.