Tips: Five Settings Must Set Correctly in WordPress

Building a good website and providing it with the necessary content must be done in the right way. When you get started with it is, therefore, necessary that you take a look at the settings that you need to use. WordPress is a very useful program. By using this it is also possible to maintain the website that you have created in a good way. Creating a blog or a good webshop is also easier by using WordPress. For anyone who does not yet know what the most important settings are, our WordPress specialist provides an overview below of the five settings that you need to put on your website.

WordPress Address and Site Address (URLs):

It goes without saying that it is important to use the WordPress address and the Site address properly. This makes your website easier to find. The range is large and it helps to be immediately visible with a clear website. When people search for your store or company, the website must also immediately come to the fore and be visible in the top results.

WordPress address and Site address

Settings for Your Homepage Shows:

There are many settings that you need to configure properly in WordPress, but when you get the hang of it, it’s a handy way to build your website correctly step by step. Under Settings> Read you can set what you want to display on the homepage of your website. Here you can choose a ‘static page’, as in the case of the WPLounge. Some bloggers also show their recent posts here. If you want to set up a separate blog page, you can do that on the same configuration screen. These are useful tips to ensure that your website is organized in the most efficient way possible. However, it is not the only institution that you should take a look at.

Settings for Your Homepage Shows

Give Search Engines Access:

It is very important to ensure that the “block search engines to index this site” setting is off. So make sure you don’t overlook that! Search engines must have access to your website so that you can be found well by customers and interested parties who would like to read your blog.

Give Search Engines Access

Set the Permalinks to Post Name:

If you want to make full use of SEO, it is important to set the permalinks to ‘post name’. This way your website or blog can be easily found in the search engines and you can, therefore, benefit much more from the use of SEO texts.

Set the Permalinks to Post Name

Settings> Permalinks

Set Website Language in Your Focus Country:

It is important that you pay close attention to the language of your website. If you mainly want to gain customers abroad, it is strange to make the entire website in Dutch. That way you will not win any customers. The intention is that foreign customers, in particular, can clearly see what is being offered for sale. Even if you do not create a webshop, but only a blog, for example, it is important that people outside the Netherlands can read everything well. So always put your website language on your focus country and not on the country where you live.

Set Website Language in Your Focus Country

Settings> General

So Make Good Use of The Above Settings:

With all these tips for the WordPress settings, it is easier to build a good website or blog. Good settings are the start, then you have to build the content and ensure that people actually see your website. Fill your website with relevant information and ensure that you are found well in the search engines. SEO tips are certainly a good way to get higher in search results. Write from your passion and expertise, without the intention to manipulate the search engine, that is a thing of the past.