Downgrade WordPress Specific Core Version With Plugin

Sometimes it may be necessary to downgrade an older WordPress version. For example, if your theme does not yet support the latest WordPress version, but you have performed the update.

  1. Back up your WordPress website before downgrading.
  2. You can backup your WordPress website with a plug-in such as WP Backup.
  3. Deactivate all WordPress plug-ins.
  4. Log in to the WordPress dashboard. Go to Plug-in, select all active plug-in and deactivate them.
  5. Download an older version of WordPress

The official WordPress website has a page where you can download all older versions of WordPress. Find the install WordPress version you want to downgrade on this page and download it. Downgrade to a wp older version bellow we discuss briefly. You can also update the WordPress version for the latest feature and security.

Manually Downgrade Your WordPress Site:

Delete or rename the wp-admin and wp-includes folders in the root directory of your WordPress website. (Except the wp-content folder and all individual files). Upload all the WordPress files and folders (except wp-content folder) from the old WordPress version to WordPress site document directory.

There is no need to delete the files from the WP site root directory. Since they can be replaced or overwritten while you copy the files. Also, you may have some files customized in the root directory. Such as the .htaccess file, search engine site verification file and so on. These files do not come with the default WordPress package. So simply leave these files intact in the domain root.

You can directly perform the above steps through a hosting control panel, such as the notable cPanel. Its File Manager allows you to manage and upload files through a web browser. You can also connect to your web server with an FTP client, and perform the WordPress downgrade. Alternatively, you can also download a copy of your WordPress files and folders, then downgrade WordPress locally, after that go to publish it again to live server. See the below screenshot.

Start Downgrade WordPress Versions:

Copy all files and folders, except the wp-content folder, from the old version of WordPress to the new version. This will overwrite the new WordPress folders and files with the old ones. In my case, I just renamed the wp-admin and wp-includes folders to different names such as wp-admin-bin or wp-includes-bin, see below screenshot.

Change WP Folder Name

After the WordPress version downgrade, double-check if the downgrade succeeds. Firstly you can browse the site from the frontend if any error occurs. Then you can log on the dashboard, if you can find a similar upgrade or new version notice on the top of the screen, it means you have rolled over to an old WP version.

WP Downgrade Extra Tips:

After the downgrade of your WordPress sites, you need to manually activate its plug-in one by one from the dashboard. If you choose to downgrade WP locally, you need to publish WordPress from local machine to remote web server after the downgrade.

Downgrade your WordPress site with Plug-in:

If you feel comfortable to use a plug-in, you can do downgrade WordPress with downgrade plug-in. Here we share how to downgrade WordPress step by step instruction.

In the first step, you need a plug-in that’s name downgrade. It is now available for WordPress plug-in store. If you don’t find this plug-in, don’t worry you can download here. After finishing download then you need to install an active this plug-in it looks like this screen.

Activating wp downgrading

Next Step, go to the WordPress dashboard, navigate the setting>>downgrade. It looks like this screen:

Downgrade Navigation

Next step, on this page you can see an input section of the WordPress targeted version. Then you input the targeted version URL of WordPress click the save change button. After saving this setting then click the WordPress update button, it will look like this screen.

Downgrade Setting

Next step, in this screen you look at WordPress reinstall button, click the reinstall button. Your targeted version will be start updating.

Downgrade Update finish

After finishing the update process you see the new WordPress version that you target. Thanks for trying these steps, if you face any problem please check our video tutorial. Or you need to use the updated version of WordPress then check our wp update tutorial.