Covington vs. Woodley: How To Live UFC Fight Night 2020

In the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the best fighters of all combat sports compete against each other. That’s why many call it the Champions League of martial arts. The fighting is tough and emotionally charged, as evidenced by the already legendary battle between Covington vs. Woodley.

This article lists a number of TV channels where you can watch Fight Night. It will not matter wherever you are in the world with the VPN technology you can avoid censorship and blockages.

UFC Covington vs Woodley Live Stream

The US-American organization (UFC) also has more and more fans in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, only the fewest fights have been reported in the Netherlands so far. Hence, the Fight Night Stream must be used to watch UFC. The problem: it is not possible to receive the official UFC live stream from the Netherlands. Here’s how to use a VPN to watch any MMA Live stream. Never miss a Fight Night again and enjoy the highest quality UFC live stream.

The problem: geo-locking of the Fight Night Stream. It’s always the same problem: everywhere the Fight Night Stream is advertised. All events, all fights, and everything in the best streaming quality. The Fight Night Stream ( UFC on ESPN ) works on the “ pay-per-view ” principle, which means you just have to pay for the events you really want to see. This is great, a feature that many also want from Netflix. Speaking of Netflix: the UFC live stream is also known as Netflix for martial arts fans.

Unfortunately, German fans cannot enjoy the UFC live stream.  Receiving UFC from the Netherlands, the disillusionment comes quite quickly: “This content is not available in your country” or a similar message appears on the screen.

Covington vs Woodley

UFC Fight Night Covington vs Woodley Stream

It is not possible to watch UFC from the Netherlands. Beware: Some illegal streams promote the UFC, but be aware of the risk – it is usually illegal and the streams are of inferior quality. I don’t even want to talk about annoying and offensive ads. A Google search for ‘watch ufc’ will reveal hundreds of these pesky lock offers. The Official Fight Night Stream, on the other hand, is legal and offers the best picture quality. For licensing reasons, the stream may only be offered in the US. The license to broadcast in Europe must additionally be acquired, which is not really worthwhile because of the still limited audience in the Netherlands and Europe.

So what to do to see the Fight Night Covington vs Woodley Stream in the Netherlands?

Traveling to the US and watching the UFC live stream or live at the Marvel stadium could be an option. However, the whole matter is much easier, but with the help of a VPN, convenient from home, legal, and in the best quality.

Live stream Woodley vs Covington from the USA

Octagon fans in the US may already know that ESPN and ESPN + own the rights to UFC live stream – from Fight Nights to the big pay-per-views. Everything goes through ESPN.

To watch UFC Fight Night events, all you need is a standard ESPN + subscription, which costs just $ 4.99 per month. There’s an even better offer, a combined bundle that includes ESPN +, Hulu, and Disney Plus for just $ 12.99 per month.

How can I get a UFC live stream from in the UK

In the UK and Ireland, BT Sport has exclusive broadcasting rights to UFC events. The good news for subscribers is that every UFC Fight Night is shown on BT Sport by default – check TV Guide for each event for exact channel and times, but they’re almost always complete with post-fight analysis.

The even better news is that those ‘numbered’ events we’ve talked about, like the UFC Fight Night 157 or UFC Fight Night 160, are shown on BT Sport at no extra cost – while in the rest of the world they have to make do with PPV offers.

The £ 25 BT Sport Monthly Pass is the best UFC deal around, providing access to all the major UFC fights. These PPVs normally cost around $ 65 for a single event.

Unblock Woodley vs Covington live stream from Australia

Streaming service Kayo Sports is ESPN’s partner in Australia and this means there is a lot of UFC content available on the fantastic value packs. Basic costs only $ 25 per month and lets you stream on two screens, while Premium is only $ 35 per month for simultaneous display on up to three devices.

Bypass Canadian Fight Night UFC Blockade

To live stream UFC’s biggest events, the safest way is probably the UFC Fight Pass, as is the case in other countries. Expect similar pricing to TV pay-per-view costs. Beyond that, UFC Fight Nights are a lot cheaper and easier to find. Generally, they are shown on TSN (Sports Network), which offers only $ 4.99 per day or $ 19.99 per month fee.

The solution: watch UFC Woodley vs Covington live stream with a VPN

With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) you can unlock the Fight Night Stream. As mentioned earlier, the fight night stream is subject to geographic locks. So only users from certain countries get access. This is the same as with Netflix, the Netflix USA library is denied to German users, but only the German Netflix library
is known to be much less equipped. Again, a geographic barrier is responsible.

With a VPN, all of these geographic locks can be bypassed, giving you access to all blocked content. With a VPN you can decide for yourself which location you want to send and these are then no longer affected by the corresponding geographic locks.

In short, it works as follows: don’t connect directly to the internet to protect your privacy, but your device connects to a VPN server, which in turn has access to the internet. You will be assigned a new IP address by the VPN server. This also means that you are not on the internet with your IP address, but with the server. That is why you also take over the location of the VPN server. So if you connect to a server in the US, any internet service you want to use will assume you are in the US-based on its IP address. It’s so easy to get around the internet’s geolocation!

Whether you want to watch Covington vs Woodley Live Streams or Netflix USA, with a VPN this is possible. You don’t have to be a technical expert, no, anyone can do that. The next section tells you how to get to the UFC live stream in just 5 steps.

Note: Using a VPN is legal. A VPN is used to protect your privacy on the internet. That’s why everyone should be using a VPN, but unfortunately far too few people know about the benefits of a VPN.

Most frequently asked questions

How to follow UFC Covington vs Woodley in just 6 easy steps

UFC in HD quality? No problem, this is possible in six simple steps:

  • Register with a VPN provider that can unlock the UFC live stream. See the next section for a list of recommended carriers.
  • Download the VPN and follow the installation instructions.
  • Select a VPN server in the United States and connect to it.
  • Visit the official Fight Night website at
  • Select the battle you want and pay the fee.
  • Turn on the Fight Night Stream in time for the start of the fight (note the time difference) and that’s it! Enjoy the UFC Covington vs Woodley Live Stream

The VPN: Suppliers, Costs & Benefits for Fight Night Stream Fans

Which VPN service is best for the UFC Covington vs Woodley live stream?

That’s a tough question, there are tons of VPN providers, and they all have their pros and cons. I have compiled my TOP 5 below. All the VPN providers below give you access to the UFC fight night stream. I have personally tested many different VPN providers and this is my TOP 5 of the VPNs for the UFC Fight Night. Which of these is best for you, you have to decide for yourself. It always depends on the individual user behavior.

Important Note: ExpressVPN has a one-month trial period and a money-back guarantee. So give it a try because you are guaranteed to get your money back and you have nothing to lose!