Tips: Content Marketing Benefits For Affiliate Marketer

This page is about the benefits of content marketing. What is content marketing, how does it work and what can it mean for your organization.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a marketing technique that responds to the wishes and needs of a customer with the help of a substantive message (content). This involves the creation and distribution of relevant content aimed at a predefined target group with the aim of making a profit.

How does Content Marketing work?

Content Marketing is all about offering a form of relevant content. This is often in the form of text on a web page and often it is an answer to a question. For example: “What is Content Marketing?” answer: “Content Marketing is … from a customer” (see above). Other forms are by placing an article in a magazine, publishing a white paper, newsletter, online / offline, podcast and YouTube. This may be a bit confusing, but the key is answering a specific question without obligation.

Content Marketing Example:

A simple example is this website. The various articles in this knowledge base, such as those about content marketing, offer an answer to questions from people within the target group, thereby reaching the target group. So you must include these tips in your Marketing Plan.

Why Content Marketing?

Marketing today revolves around communication in a personal conversation, as opposed to mass communication in the era before the internet. Where in the past one specific offer was made to one large target group – for example with a TV commercial – this push technique nowadays appears to be less and less effective. By giving a specific answer to a specific question from a client with the help of relevant content, a dialogue does arise (pull technique).

Benefits of Content Marketing:

Content Marketing offers a number of benefits. First of all, it is a relatively inexpensive form of marketing compared to many other marketing techniques. Also, not much is needed: just a website and a person who can write about a certain subject. In most organizations this is the content manager, marketer or product manager. Other benefits are:

  • Better find able / more traffic via search engines.
  • Relevant visitors
  • Word of mouth marketing – (people talk more often about good free information compared to a non-personalized offer)
  • Measurable: Return on investment (ROI) – spending on content marketing can easily be measured via google analytics

Content Marketing step-by-step plan:

Content Marketing often goes through four steps:

1. Determine strategy: What are the objectives? Which forms of content and for whom (target group)?

2. Create content: Making a video – image / photo / infographic – Whitepaper / e-book – article – press release

3. Distribution: Distribution of content via a website landing page – e-mail / e-mail newsletter – social media – YouTube – app – magazine – direct / word of mouth

4. Conversion: Convert the conversation into – order now – conversation – more information – lead in crm – etc.