Tutorial: Custom / Change Logo on the WordPress Login Page

If you want to log into WordPress, you will see the WordPress logo by default. Many people prefer to see their own logo here. It is very easy to custom or changes the login logo on WordPress. In this article, we show how!

Many people prefer to see their own logo than the WordPress logo because the CMS feels much more like their “own” system. Even if you create a website for a customer, it is nice for the customer to see their own logo here. It looks much more like it really is their own system. It is a simple but nice detail that your customer will certainly appreciate!

Custom WordPress Login Logo:

You can customize the logo on the WordPress login page in several ways. The easiest way is to use a plugin. However, it is not recommended to install a plugin for everything. That is why there is another way, namely by putting a piece of code in the functions.php file of your theme or by putting the same code in your own plugin.

1: Php Code in Functions.php or Your Own Plugin:

If you have your own site-specific plugin on your WordPress website, you can use it to add the code below. If not, you can also paste the code into the functions.php file of the active WordPress theme.

The code above creates a PHP function that adjusts the login logo. The URL on the line that starts with “background-image” should be replaced by the URL of your logo. Then enter the correct width and height for your logo (in pixels) at “width” and “height”. Use the same width and height as “background-size” (the line under “height”). When you have added this code and saved the file you will see your own logo on the login page.

2: Use a Plugin:

If the method above is too complicated or too technical for you, you can also use a free WordPress plugin such as the WP Custom Admin Login Page Logo  (see screenshot on the right). You can upload a logo and you will immediately see a preview. In addition, it is possible to add text under the logo and to add your own CSS code for extra styling.

You do not need to add a background image in this CSS. The plugin will do this for you once you have uploaded your own logo. Another plugin that does much the same thing is the Custom Login Logo.

More Information:

The above methods are both very suitable for modifying the logo on the WordPress login page. We recommend that you use the first method, preferably in your own (site-specific) plugin. This way you know for sure that your changes will not be lost if you change the WordPress theme. If you choose to paste the PHP code into the functions file of your theme, make sure to paste this code into the functions.php file of a new theme as well (if you are going to use a new theme).