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The “WP” in Wiki Soft YT stands for WordPress. Wiki Soft YT is a tips and tutorial blog by GK Overdevest. Until 24th January 2020, Wouter Postma was the owner of the Wiki Soft YT. GK wrote a WordPress manually for Pearson Benelux ( WordPress: an inspiring manual ).

GK Overdevest is the sole owner of the Wiki Soft YT since February 2020. Wiki Soft YT Overdevest is an entrepreneur and since 2011 owner of search engine marketing agency Kliq Internet in Leiden. In addition, Wiki Soft YT is involved in other business activities, including SEO service.

About Wiki Soft YT


Wiki Soft YT is one of the largest Dutch blogs about WordPress. Visitors to Wiki Soft YT are generally not very technical: they have a WordPress website and come to us for tutorials and information about plugins, themes, and hosting. The WordPress manual is especially popular. We also sell eBooks and we give WordPress courses. Of course, we also build websites! For more information, please contact us.

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